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Our Story

haute (french)
fashionably elegant or high-class.  Often used in the phrase Haute Couture meaning "high fashion".


Haute Attitude is for the free spirit who makes her own rules. She loves grabbing a coffee with friends and loves the energy of the city at night, but she really feels alive when she's hiking with her dog on a mountain trail. She loves fashion, but she creates her own style. She's authentic. She's original.

We love curating collections that inspire everyday looks as well as those styles that are new and different.  We are constantly testing, trying, and designing new clothes - if it makes it to our website you know it has our stamp of approval!  

You are our main priority - we’ll seriously do anything for our customers!  If ANYTHING ever isn't right, just let us know - we'll fix it!  If our return policy says 30 days and you return something on day 31 no sweat... After all, we like breaking the rules too...

Check out the store, let us know what you think!  Have a question?  Need style advice?  A shoulder to cry on?  Send us a message or give us a call.  We've got your back!

Giving Back

We give at least 10% of profits to charity.  Our chosen charity right now is the Huntsman Cancer Institute - one of the top cancer research facilities in the U.S.  Pretty much everyone reading this has either been directly affected by cancer or knows someone who has.  If every business donated just a small portion of their profits to research we could beat this thing!  

 Buy a little - give a little :)

 Start shopping!