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TRYons and Returns

TRYons and Returns

We don't think you should have to pay upfront to try on clothes so now we're giving you 7 days to try things on and make sure everything fits BEFORE you pay for it.   Browse our site and choose the things you want to try on.  We ship everything to you for FREE.  We'll collect your billing info at checkout but your card won't be charged a cent until you've had the item(s) for a week and decide to keep them.  If you decide to return something during that period, just use the included pre-paid shipping label and enter your email and order number below to let us know what you're sending back.  Its that simple!

Can you still return something before 30 days?  Absolutely!  You'll be charged after the initial 7 days, but should you change your mind the return process is still the same.  Just remember that clothes need to be in the original unworn and unwashed condition with any tags still attached.  No you can't wear it out to the club and then decide to return it.  :)

Orders outside the U.S. don't include free return shipping but they're always easy!
Problems?  Questions?  Don't hesitate to contact us!  
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Q:  If Tryons are free, why do I have to enter my credit card info at checkout?

A:  Your credit card is authorized at checkout to make sure the card is good for the amount of purchase, but nothing is charged at that time.  If you decide to keep the clothes we will run the card after you've had your items for 7 days.

Q:  Are there any catches?  Is this legit?

A:  No catches, no memberships, no hidden fees.  We're just a forward thinking clothing store that feels our customers should have a chance to try on clothes without paying first - just as if you were physically at the store.