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BTS: 70's Redux

October 13 2016 – Sienna Rhoades

BTS: 70's Redux
BTS: 70's Redux

From the initial thought of a 70's themed shoot, we knew it would be so rad, but I don't think we were ready for how great it would actually turn out. 

We had set the date for a Sunday out on location at the Salt Flats. Models were booked, makeup artist was a go, and we had searched high and low for our retro wardrobe. We left the office Friday afternoon with almost everything prepped, I just needed a couple more styling accessories to finish off the looks. It was sunny and beautiful and I envisioned Sunday to be just like this day- the perfect weather. 

Waking up Sunday morning I opened my curtains to a cloudy gray sky with rain drops falling hard and heavy. HOW were we going to make this work? We could shoot in the studio, but this location was what was going to complete the vibe we were going for. Would we have to reschedule? It was already so hard to correlate schedules with everyone involved.

 I checked the weather app on my phone and it said it was going to rain until noon, and as the day went on the chance of rain was less and less. Make-up was starting at 2, we wouldn't be leaving for the location until about 4, and it seemed that the weather would look up by the time we got out there. We could make this happen. IT WAS GOING TO WORK. 

Fast forward to about 3:00. The second model was getting her makeup started, our first model was test shooting in the back with Bryce, and the sun started to peak its way out from behind the clouds. I had been a little nervous leading up to this point, but it seemed that we were in the clear and everything was going to work out! 

We had gotten everything packed into the vehicles, and were heading west. It was sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and I could not wait to get out there! Driving to the location I saw willows, and cement blocks, and stretches of white sand, envisioning places to put the models.

I parked and started gathering my things, I opened my door and it slammed shut. My car was shaking. You know, the way your car shakes when there are 50 mph winds? For some shoots, you have to get a fan to create wind, mess up the hair a little. But this was wind that could tip you over (which it did several times, to all of us). This was wind that would get sand and tiny rocks in your eyes and mouth- which it also did, to all of us. Every so often throughout the shoot we had to stop and take cover while we were blasted with wind and sand. 

 Walking in 6" heels on rocks, for these models is a piece of cake. But, add in hair flying in their faces and winds pushing them over... Bless their souls.

At the end of the shoot we were just hoping that we got enough shots for the look book. After uploading and seeing the pictures on the big screen we realized we had so much content to choose from, and that the shoot honestly went better than we had thought! 

So, here are some behind the scene pictures, as well as some of the pictures that didn't make it into the look book, that we still LOVE. 

Thank you to everyone involved in this shoot, it was so fun and the beginning of something even bigger! 

 70's Redux Lookbook




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